Greetings to you all in the Great Light of God. We trust this year will be one of abundance, peace and tremendous creativity for you in the fields of life of which you participate.

The year is now 2012 and we, humanity, have reached a precipice in terms of consciousness, illumination and not to mention the health and wellbeing of the great Mother Earth – indeed by serving her we serve ourselves, our children – all of sentient life.

Yesterday I viewed the film Avatar and not for the first time. Again and again I am reminded of the importance of staying with Mother Earth, loving her as one would their own child. I am reminded of her beauty, her truth, her compassion, mercy, forgiveness and her unrelenting ability to love without question and without fear. This love emanating from Mother Earth’s heart is a constant heartbeat for all to hear and feel, and indeed it is time to feel all she is and is becoming. So Be It.

2012… do you feel it? The shift in rhythm, in flow? Changes are happening beneath us, above us and indeed within our Being. Big shifts in frequency are happening, therefore upon this year of your time it will be possible to experience a far greater resonance with the light, with the Source itself, for nothing is out of reach for you. Whatever you dream, whatever it is you desire… well, it is all for your manifesting. Pay no mind to the past or what happened in November or June of the year past, it is gone and so too the fear. It is all yours and it always was, this universe belongs to you.  This is called “true ownership.” To have, to hold, as you would the divine child.

Do not waste time, nor energy on those elements around you which would seek to disturb or interfere within your path. Be mindful now is your time… NOW. Go forward knowing the Mighty I AM Presence of God is always with you and focus your intent on what you really want/desire and feel is the hearts dream. Nothing is more important than the realisation of your heart’s dream/truth… nothing.

Be not afraid of what is happening around you, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune do not need apply to your life, not at all. Yes there are fluctuations, shifts in the energy. Understand that the world is not real, it never was, it never will be. Therefore relax and be of good cheer, as a master once said; “He who laughs will be the one who lasts.”

2012: May it be a year of love, dignity and respect for that whom you are. Be in peace in all situations, moments, in every encounter. You are the essence of love and we bow before that which be you.