Greetings to you upon this day of your time. We in faith, hold dearly your precious hearts in the beautiful light of God.

Having completed the recent tour to Egypt, I am in wonderment of how it is the way not only the light, but indeed the Source, is able to lift, infuse and illuminate the consciousness of a person, often in the most simplest of ways. Egypt is a stage for healing. It is Heaven on Earth from the aspect of sacred geometry, which is one of the reasons why the light is so potent in the land of Sun and Light. God Bless Egypt and the people of this Land.

Following from weather report no 3, I find myself no further from the pain, but further inside. This inner journey is without question a testament to the joy of truth. And I celebrate and allow this truth all the freedom it requests. Furthermore, I find myself wanting to be insignificant, that is to say letting go of all importance. If I can be as butterfly or a blade of grass, then so be it. I welcome this transition. Let me be with Mother Earth, all else may pass like wind across shadows of moon-time.

Well, I will leave you for the moment with a poem, blessings to You.

“The bodies that occupy the celestial vault,
These give rise to wise men’s uncertainties;
Take care not to lose your grip on the thread of wisdom,
Since the Powers That Be themselves are in a spin.”

Omar Khayyam