Greetings to one and all and we trust your spirits are rising with the new light that becomes us with its soft hues of grace and gratitude.

Understand do I that it has been some time since the previous weather report. This is due to Self walking back through the forest of life, re-tracing the path of once where I had been. And the Source said to me, “Back you must go. Back into the forest from where you came.” And this I could feel strongly early this year while the winter’s sun was low in the sky. This is the time of truth. And so it was, I found myself in what is called “the void.”  A place of great emptiness. There were no people, there was no schedule to consider, there was no interruption from the world. And in a quiet moment I found what the Source wanted me to find. The great love that all men must surrender to if they are to realise the dream of God within the heart.

This love has been a revelation to that which be I and the waters of which I am bathing are becoming softer as the tears flow from my eyes. Looking, sensing and feeling not only the wonder of it all, but too the pain that comes from not being in a position of surrender to the great Mother, to the divine feminine. Also, if I am to speak about this too you, then too there is the pain of what happened in Ancient Egypt. So now I know what it was I was running from, it was never you, it was the pain.

Thus I am in what is called “structural alignment to Self,” the great Mother and indeed all men and women upon this plane. The bearing of one’s soul is a new pathway, so practise do I to sing a new song to you as the tears continue to flow… O the glory of returning to love… indeed I bow before thee.

Mother Earth have you noticed is very quiet this year, for she too is reflecting, healing, contemplating her own journey into the vastness of the One Light — the One Love. We may look to the sky for inspiration, illumination, light, space, freedom and that is a good thing, and when we sit in quiet with the Earth Mother, may we give to her our gratitude, grace, dignity and respect for all that she has given and continues to give. O how I Love you…

God Bless Mother Earth
God Bless Mother Earth
God Bless Mother Earth

Peace be with you