Hello I want to thank you for the subject,” be first. I thought about it many times but up to now, I couldn’t find the source of my mistake. Now I know, and what is more important, I feel it. You are talking that Akhenaten left true love, peace and mercy of God to build the Kingdom of God at this planet. I woke up. I AM first. Thank you once again.

Anna - Sydney Australia

I really love this course because he sent me to the correct to track of Love and Oneness. A variety of exercises, moderate pace without coercion and hurry – bringing joy to every step on. So today I thank the author of this course for full of love accompany me/ us on this journey towards the Light.

Halina - Online Course, Level 15 StudentSweden

Thanks to this retreat I felt peace and freedom from work, the awareness that one can live a different life and what’s most important, I have been given a clue which path to follow.”

Ela Krol - May 2015Poland

“The tour was amazing! The locations were beyond expectation, 5* hotel by the Nile. Travel arrangements all flowed. The tombs and temples were unbelieveable and I had many great experiences throughout the tour. The group was great, the best!” With love, Mathew.

Mathew New Zealand

“You truly are remarkable in the accuracy and feeling of your feedback. Thank you.”
Steve Ager Lifestyles Coach

Steve Ager - Personal / Business SessionPoland

The Weather Reports that you write are beautiful, full of love, freedom and silence. Thank you, Kasia

Kasia - Weather ReportsPoland

“There is no word to describe this work. I discover it step, by step, and when I see, or feel it, tears of gratitude are crossing my face. On many levels your work with us is in amazing ways. Thank you again and again, but it will be never enough.” With love, Beata.


“Thanks, thanks, thanks. Thank you for all the GREAT little books you have created. Thank you for the amazing CD’s. And Thank you for your Light!”From all the Love in My Heart, Ann-Sofi.

Ann-Sofi - Books & Meditation CD’sUSA

“My soul reading makes me realise how great we humans are as beings and gives me a glimpse of our real unlimited potential. I was reminded that we can choose to fulfil our master-hood by anchoring to the light through the breath and the contact with our feelings, by cleansing our energy field and keeping the thoughts constructive – to be in the present moment where all our love, light and power ‘Is.’ ” Ewa (Sweden)

Ewa Sweden

The Congress of the Light was a great experience. I like Torun very much and this is a good place for such events. This year has been very important for me. I’ve been purifying very intensively. Every day brings me more light, love, joy and FREEDOM and it is such a great feeling… Thank you so much for all meditations and words full of light and love.” With Love, Ania


“I would like to thank you for help and care while on our travel to and from Egypt. Thank to you found out blockages in myself which was not aware of. I have been working on freeing from pain. When cover myself with unconditional love and forgiveness I feel better. I have been at the stage of finding out feelings of the heart not mind or ego. Let God protect you and care of you.”

Ewa Poland

“This wisdom course ‘The Manual of Light’ can be taken on many levels as it is written on many levels. It exemplifies what the Masters before him have said so eloquently; ‘Many are called, but few are chosen (or choose).’ ‘I shall give you what no eye has seen and what no ear has heard.’ Gospel of St. Thomas. I continue to receive, through this course, in order to serve the light ever stronger and know if you are called to receive this course you also will grow and learn and strengthen.” With Light and Love.

Pamela - Online CourseUSA

I’m very grateful for beautiful time in Egypt, for your spiritual guidance and care. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is a grace of God for me to meet you. God Bless You.” Ela.


“ The on-line course is like a journey to ‘Jupiter & beyond’, being guided to see the unseen and feel the unfelt … a journey into deep space … the deep inner space within us all … a ‘magical mystery tour’ if ever there was one!” Thank you, Gareth.

Gareth - Online Course, Level 15 StudentAustralia

“I whole-heartedly want to thank you for your support, love and for the patience you had for me. Thank you for a beautiful stay in Egypt. I had a wonderful experience. God Bless You.” With love.

Wieslawa Poland

“If you need a mentor or inspiration I could think of only a few people that could match. The wisdom and positive attitude I received are to be admired with honesty and frankness matched with a unique sense of humour.” Michael Ryan Itron Australia Pty.Ltd

Michael Ryan - Business SessionAustralia

” Just like you told me once, the light is growing on me. Yes it is. I understand that. I listen to what is written; try not to understand, but feel. There are things I do not understand to this day. I promised myself as I reach the end of the course. I will read it again. One lesson a week. Lots of light and love your way I wish.”

Maciej - Online CoursePoland

“This on-line course is the words that speak directly to my own heart of truths and resonate with soul. I wait with delightful expectancy at the arrival of every lesson each week. All my lessons are absorbed in the garden with a pot of tea and the company of many unseen others. I can only describe the synchronicity of the Light, as my ‘pure pleasure’. Each level has taken me deeper into my human self and higher into my real self, making transmutation of unwanted human discord simple. I am forever changed and free, healed and content. Thank you.”

Nerida Oberg - Online Course, Level 15 StudentAustralia

“The mentoring I received is very helpful for gaining clarity for one’s business. Being an extremely intuitive mentor, with an uncanny knack for helping me cut to the root cause below the surface, saving me valuable time and helping me completely shift my paradigm on how I approach my business on a number of occasions. By bringing to light the underlying motivations of the people I’m dealing with, I have been empowered to make more informed and hence productive business decisions, which has directly impacted our bottom line in a very positive manner. I would not make a major business decision without this mentoring input.”

Pardeep Singh - Business / Personal SessionUSA

“The lessons I have done so far have helped me clear the pathway at a time when I was directionless and unhappy with my life. Finding this course was the best thing to have happened in my life and I would recommend it to everyone! Thank you.”

Barbara H