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Each course contains knowledge to awaken/raise consciousness and promote healing and release from the ego-mind so that you can be guided toward the pathway of inner peace, success and limitless creative power. Advance, accelerate and action your life into self-mastery by signing up now! Read what our students say below.

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“This online course is the words that speak directly to my own heart of truths and resonate with soul. I wait with delightful expectancy at the arrival of every lesson each week. Each level has taken me deeper into my human self and higher into my real self, making transmutation of unwanted human discord simple. I am forever changed and free, healed and content.”

Nerida Australia

“I really love this course because it has sent me to the correct to track of Love and Oneness. A variety of exercises, moderate pace without coercion and hurry – bringing joy to every step on.”


“This online course is like a journey to ‘Jupiter & beyond’, guiding us to see the unseen and feel the unfelt … a journey into deep space … the deep inner space within us all. A magical mystery tour’ if ever there was one!”


“This wisdom course can be taken on many levels as it is written on many levels. I continue to receive through this course and if you are called to these courses you will grow and learn and strengthen.”