Weather Report No 6: What Is Light?

“I have on many an occasion been asked the question, “What is Light?” And this question has arrived from those who possess a great store of knowledge.” (A Drum)

Light is the substance by which God creates – as an artist uses colour to create, God utilises light to create. It is the substance of life. We must have light to breathe, to live and to grow in consciousness. The more light we attract, the more healing and purification will happen. It is the most important substance you will ever receive here as it arrives directly from God in the form of dancing, joyful, atoms and molecules.

What is Light?
It is, “Cosmic Intelligence in Action” and while you will never fully comprehend light, just as you will never fully “know God,” with light, all can be achieve and real freedom, harmony and joy can be experienced. The spiritual journey is a journey back into the light with heartfelt “mindfulness.”

Light affords – enhances creativity and there is a bounty of wonderful, beautiful examples of “God-in-action” through the creative process. You can witness these examples everywhere if you so desire. Mother Earth is plentiful too in this regard and there are the poets, writers, artists, sculptors, inventors, scientists, and designers etc; all creating through the joy of light.

This, your adventure here on Earth which is a co-creative venture between Self and God, is an adventure of self-discovery and illumination of consciousness. Your function is to create. Your objective is Heaven – the place of pure light, love and peace. As such, one must learn to not only cleanse and purify the mind, subjugating the ego into nothingness – one must also shift the vibration of the field and allow the receivership of light. For without light, there can be no shift in consciousness. Knowledge on its own will not shift consciousness and knowledge will not bring purification and healing to the mind. Hence, humanity remains in various degrees, held back in consciousness while new technology runs rampant upon this Earth plane.

AWAKEN! Cast aside beliefs, center your mind in the “Mind of God” and you shall know Unity. To shift density within the body and mind, light is required – it, the divine substance likened unto golden nectar. The more resonance to light, the more resonance to “Self” – the real you.

How to find and attract light?
It is a focus and it ought to be your primary, daily, spiritual objective – the manifestation of light. Ritual now becomes a key component of daily life. The rituals of yoga, prayer, chanting, and exercise will be helpful. Also allowing the creative flow in whatever fashion you feel to experience, will strengthen your connection. Remember well, you are designed to create – not procrastinate, so be sure to use your daily bread of life in creative purpose.

First to see the light – let that be Self on the dawn of a beautiful new day, for it is so… “Ask and ye shall receive.”





“Breathes there the man with soul so dead,
who never to himself hath said,
‘This is my own, my native universe.”   St Germain

Greetings to you on this day and may it be one of splendid passion and peace… Indeed, as we reach into the 21st century many souls cry out for new pathways of purpose, power and ideal vision.

You know the universe you dwell within and breathe in, belongs to you. There is no debt to anyone or anything. Life is not on ‘”loan” to you. Certainly no bank owns the deeds to your kingdom. Indeed, stake your claim – make yours a signpost of sovreignty and clearly defined ownership of all that you are and are becoming.

I see those souls on spiritual paths with years of study, learning and healing – still wondering how it is to come into their power – questioning what must be done to manifest great personal power which can then be leashed in service to the inner-self, to humanity and to the light itself. Is it not so, humanity is in great requirement of authentic, powerful and illuminated human beings to show the way, light a path of luminosity for the many who are and will be entering into… the Light?

What is the mystery behind “omnipresence?” What is the action behind manifesting an omnipresent field of light, of love, which could heal many things if desired? These states of being are manifested through the development of a humble attitude of ownership. A quiet, reverence for life, for God and your own Self. As it does, the alter-ego within its rather finite reality, is fearful of the individual developing what is called, “power source-ness” – becoming sovereign and taking charge of your life – your destiny.

So too, many of your “rulers” fear that you will one day rise up in love, meeting their fear with a balanced, focused, power, thus bringing down the curtain on deceit, corruption and falsehoods. The man/woman that you are is a wondrous, vast, universe of light – not at all separate from the universal Creative Force that created you. Indeed, in your own hands, be the entire spectrum of life – in your own hands.

One can be certain that for whatever reasons, the alter-ego has deemed you insignificant or powerless – be sure and know, these reasons will never be validated by the Light of God nor will they be validated by your “super-consciousness.”

Sing / chant this chorus… in the car, at home, in your quiet time… ignite your power.

“I AM” a universe unto myself
“I AM” a universe unto myself
“I AM” a universe unto myself

“I AM” a universe of light
“I AM” a universe of love
“I AM” a universe of peace…. and so forth.

This beautiful, affirming action will allow the light to rain down a heavenly shower of divinity upon you – all because you dared to stand true to your soul, to the Lord God of your Being and to the Father-Mother Creator Force of this… “Your Universe.”