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“You are here to discover yourself through the process and adventure of creativity. When you allow creation, there is fusion, awakening and healing in abundance. The mysteries of life can be unlocked and discovered through co-creation, therefore, the more you create, the more you grow – expand. When we create, we extend and we are here to extend in Love and to become that which we extend…” Anonymous


Light is the substance by which God creates – as a painter uses colour to paint, God utilises light to create. Light is the substance of life. We must have light to grow in consciousness and therefore, heal. It is the most important substance you will ever receive here on planet Earth as it arrives directly from love.

What is Light…? Cosmic Intelligence in Action. You will never fully comprehend light just as you will never fully know God; however, with light all can be achieved and freedom and harmony will be had – manifested. Our adventure here on Earth is really going back into the Light with heartfelt, “mindfulness.”

And to quicken self-mastery, as all masters will tell you, training, focus and intention are prerequisite. Here at The Light Knowledge we offer spiritual study material and guided meditations which can fast track expansion of your personal power by anchoring you to your “I AM” Presence within.

Empowering spiritual training courses that will open the doors to your limitless potential.

In Know You Know the author shares spiritual knowledge to help you understand and realise your life potential and tap into the limitless reservoir of creative talent within.

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Empowering Knowledge


Empowering spiritual training courses that will open the doors to your limitless potential.

Weather Report No 6: What Is Light?

I have on many an occasion been asked the question, "What is…


"Breathes there the man with soul so dead, who never to himself…



The Weather Report No 5: The Tree of Life

In regard the light and its work here on planet Earth, as you are witnessing, we are moving through a period of profound confusion and chaos. And it is in many ways both predictable and necessary 
for without the confusion and associated fear will humanity choose “The Light - The Father” as its salvation?

Weather Report No 4: The Joy of Truth

Greetings to you upon this day of your time. We in faith hold dearly your precious hearts in the beautiful light of God.

Weather Report No 3: Mother Earth

Greetings to one and all, and we trust your spirits are rising with the new light that becomes us with its soft hues of grace and gratitude.

Weather Report No 2: Elevation

Greetings to you all in the great light of God. We trust this year will be one of abundance, peace and tremendous creativity for you in the fields of life of which you participate.

Weather Report no 1: The Light

Our greetings to you on this day, we trust the light is being made manifest in all your daily activities and with the season of reflection upon us may it be a period of quiet and joyful healing for all.